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SHAZAM! New album, "Drones From Home", makes the Top 30 Jam Bands & Relix Magazine Radio Chart coming in at #22 for May 2016! This is its third consecutive month on the chart!

New Summer Tour Poster - Painted by Matt Walshe:

As the summer tour dates approach, Ian & Matt have been busy writing & jamming new improv pieces and instrumentals. They will have a few new tricks up their sleeves this summer--see you on the road!

Ontologics is excited about playing Liberty Music Fest in Philly this August! Details coming soon...

Shout out to college radio stations across the country for supporting Ontologics! Thanks to WERU (Maine) for recently playing instrumental, "Stretch Armstrong", off the DFH LP and Barry Smolin at KFPK FM (Los Angeles) for having great ears and spinning our records!

More announcements coming this Fall:
National specialty radio, new video, album three tidbits, and more...


Ontologics' album "Drones From Home", has reached #9, breaking the Top 10 on the Top 30 Relix Magazine / Jam Bands Radio Chart - 2 Consecutive Months! Both their debut and sophomore albums broke the Top 10 for two consecutive months!

Drones From Home continues to grow support on college radio nationally:

Drones From Home receives two new reviews:

"I definitely suggest this album as listening for everyone. It is not merely for rap lovers, nor specifically for nu-metal lovers. Even less for progressive rock fans. It's potentially for everyone!"
- The Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"Ontologics prove masterful on Drones From Home"
"Cruising into a psychedelic territory, the duo creates an intriguing soundscape that reflects the thoughts inside the human mind."
- Bill Copeland Music News


Ontologics' new album, Drones From Home, has reached the Top 30 Jambands/Relix Magazine radio chart; alongside other great artists G Love & Tedeschi Trucks Band!

Ontologics Interviewed by Wheelers Weekend Jams LIVE AND DIRECT:

"Wheelers Weekend Jams chats with the guys from Ontologics. This Skype interview talks about their latest album, "Drones From Home." We all also discuss how their albums have evolved, working with P-nut from 311, favorite gear and much more. Thank you for watching this interview."

Drones From Home is getting support on college radio nationally:

#1 KXUL - LA (CMJ)
#7 WKKL - MA (CMJ)
#21 WRST - WI (CMJ)
#26 SCAD - GA (CMJ)

Summer tour dates are starting to roll in:

6/11 - NY Festival, TBA
7/27 - The Shrine, NY
7/28 - Silvana, NY
8/9 - PA Festival, TBA
8/27 - 8x10, MD, details TBA


Ontologics' new album has received another great review and is getting play on College Radio, nationally. Here are the latest updates for press and radio request lines:

Daily Vault - Album Review "Drones From Home"
"There was never a doubt regarding the phenomenal musical ability of this outfit, but to exploit this skill fully and translate it into an album as brilliant as their debut requires equally skillful songwriting chops...the musicianship on par with its predecessor and even the songwriting is every bit as good...Drones From Home certainly has a more proggy sound because of the muscular guitar-driven music, which also means lead vocalist Ian Campopiano's passionate rapidfire vocals and drummer Matthew Walshe's insane drumming are more hard-hitting than ever from start to finish."

Roots Time, Belgium (updated translation)
"On Drones From Home, some will hear rock influences from groups like...Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Others will hear more psychedelic rock influence by groups like Pink Floyd. And still others will hear some jazz-fusion influence reminiscent of guitar great Al Di Melola on tracks like "Stretch Armstrong." Ontologics' lyrics show a sort of political and social awareness by Campopiano and Walshe."

Top 40 - RADIO XENU: Drones From Home track, "Call It Collateral" (2015)

Top 40 on KXUL 91.X University of Louisiana (at Monroe) - 3 weeks in a row
Drones From Home track, "Primal Discourse" feat. PNut of 311

The following radio stations are playing tracks off "Drones From Home":

+WCFW 91.9 Request Ontologics: 413-597-3265
(Williamstown, MA)

+WKKL 90.7 Request Ontologics: 508-3754030
(Cape Cod, Ma)

+WVOF 88.5 Request Ontologics: 203-254-4000
(Myrtle Beach, SC)

+KLCZ 88.9 Request Ontologics: 559-233-8803
(Lewiston, ID)

+KNCE 93.5 Request Ontologics: 575-720-4447
(El Prado, NM)

+KPFK 90.7 Request Ontologics: 818-985-2711
(Los Angeles , CA)

+KWVA 88.1 Request Ontologics: 541-346-4091
(Eugene, OR)

+WCUR 91.7 Request Ontologics: 610-436-2478
(West Chester, PA)

+KUNM 89.9 Request Ontologics: 888-277-5615
(Univ. of New Mexico)

+KKFI 90.1 Request Ontologics: 816-931-3122
(Kansas City, MO)

+KZMU Request Ontologics: 801-363-1818

+KXUL 91.x Request Ontologics: 318-342-5085

+RADIO STATIONS: CJUM, KAOS, KDHX, KLPI, KTCU, KUMD, WJCU, WGMU, WDBX, and many more to come in the next few weeks!


Ontologics' new album, Drones From Home, hits College Radio nationally in February.
The album features Special Guest, PNUT of 311 (Track - "Primal Discourse").

Here are a few of the latest album reviews to hit the press:

Crash And Ride Music
"Crash and Ride Music's favorite prog-hop band...Drawing upon influences of progressive rock and jazz, "Drones From Home" again dazzles its listeners with its distinctive and fresh sound..."


Roots Time, Belgium (translated)
"Depending on what you want to hear...influences from...'Rage Against The Machine' and 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'...others will refer rather to the psychedelic rock sound of 'Pink Floyd'...the instrumental "Stretch Armstrong" them reminiscent of the Italian-American 'fusion'- and jazz guitarist Al Di Meola. The lyrics they have written in these numbers show a sort of political and social commitment by the two musicians."

Camel Let Go, Japan (translated)
"This work "Drones from Home" is full album of the second work. Based on the hip-hop, progressive rock, world music, jazz, of Ontologics a mix of electro sounds, we finished in a unique avant-pop...gradually tilted to the strange pop from reggae "Drones from Home" and, instrumental space rock tone "Stretch Armstrong", dry slash-pop "A Wizard's Touch For All You Skeptics", such as it is addictive clarity."

Ontologics recently did an interview on Home Bru'd on 95.5 WBRU.

Check out our Tour Dates above for details about their February Ocean Mist show and March show at the Spot Underground (Rhode Island).
Spring/Summer dates in MA, CT, NY, MD, DE, NC, SC, TBA.

Thanks for all of the initial support of our latest release! The album has been reaching new territory in AL, VT, NV and GA!




Drones From Home LP
Release Date 11/06/2015

Special Guests:
PNUT of 311 (Track - "Primal Discourse")
Steve Johnson, of MOI




Something to Needle Over LP
Released 12/10/2013




EP Part I Demo Collection
Released 6/10/2010





Download the Full PDF Lyric Booklet for Drones From Home HERE

Download the Full PDF Lyric Booklet for Something to Needle Over HERE




ONTOLOGICS is an experimental, multi-instrumental duo that has been recognized for fusing genres like progressive rock, hip-hop, electronica, and world music into their eclectic debut record Something to Needle Over. Based in Providence, RI, the duo features singer/songwriter, Ian Campopiano, and drummer Matthew Walshe. The album also features three instrumental tracks, dual drum arrangements, and sharp lyricism, which emanates from their energetic live show.

Their latest release, sophomore album, Drones From Home (11/06/15), features PNUT/Aaron Wills of 311.

Something To Needle Over has achieved outstanding success on national, specialty, and college radio, reaching #16 on the FMQB Top 200 SubModern chart, breaking their debut indie album into the Top 20. The lead single, “Hologram For The Hollow Man,” charted at #11 on the Alternative Specialty singles charts (KKBB), and at #12 on album charts.

Their debut album spent four consecutive months on the Top 30 Magazine national college radio chart spanning from October 2014 - January 2015 reaching #9, #16, #18, #27.

Ian Campopiano is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (Lead Vocals/Lyrics, 2nd Drum Kit, Programming, Guitars, Bass, Midi-Controllers, Roland Spds, Korg Wave Drum, Korg Synth); Matthew Walshe brings his orchestral precision to complex time signatures (Main Drum Kit, Aux. Percussion, Korg Wave Drum).

Prior to their collaboration, P-Nut of 311 recognized Ontologics' song-writing:
"...The cool thing about 'Ebb and Flow' as the 'Go' demo is that it was covered by a band called Ontologics, who did their own version of it and it kills. I played it for Scotch before we started writing the lyrics and the melody to set the bar. I was like, 'Listen to what these guys did. Like they turned this song into like a science fiction masterpiece. And if we can’t beat that, I think we should just do a cover of their song'..." - P-Nut, interview (Feb, 2014)
Also: July, 2014 NECR interview with Pnut of 311.

"Tool, 311, Incubus, Limp Bizkit, Pink Floyd… Al Di Meola? ... none of the above bands can boast of incorporating such a wide range of influences – from alt rock, progressive rock, electronica, jazz, and rap to world music – in one single song, but Ontologics can...What's really amazing about this debut record is that despite the cramming in of these myriads of styles, it never leaves you disoriented. Instead of a tedious maze that leaves one confused, Something To Needle Over is more like an exhilarating rollercoaster ride with lots of twists, turns, and jumps." - DAILYVAULT.COM

Something To Needle Over was named one of the top DIY Albums of 2014 by the Indie Rock Cafe and has received scores of press, reviews, and features.

The name of the band stems from the word Ontologic Being, existent, "put into existence to put into existence”. Art for the sake of art, Ontologics is “Something to Needle Over”. It is an extension of the individual members, mulling over the sonic details, an extension of what they are.

National & College Radio Charts:

Drones From Home:
# 1 CMJ - KXUL, LA
#21 CMJ - WRST, WI
#26 CMJ - SCAD, GA
#27 CMJ - WCFM, MA
#9 Top 30 Magazine
#22 Top 30 Magazine 
#29 Top 30 Magazine 

Something to Needle Over:

# 1 CMJ on WRFW River Falls, WI
# 9 Top 30 Magazine
# 11 KKBB Singles
# 12 KKBB Albums
# 12 KKBB Singles
# 16 Top 200 Submodern Albums (FMQB)
# 16 Top 30 Magazine
# 18 Top 30 Magazine
# 19 CMJ on KRFP Moscow, ID
# 27 Top 30 Magazine
# 29 CMJ on WVIA Pittston, PA
# 40 CMJ on WVIA Pittston, PA

National Acts played with:
Afroman, Gangstagrass, Godsmack, Michelle Branch

National & International sales:
AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, LA, MA, MI, MN, NV, RI, TN, TX, VT, WI, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, UK

Previous History:
Ian and Matt toured the Northeast together from 2002-2004 with Progressive Rock group Moments of Imagination (MOI). They shared the stage with a wide array of artists from Godsmack to Michelle Branch; received reviews from “The Noise” in Boston; and took the Rhode Island College Battle of the Bands in 2003, and 3rd at the 1047 FNX SP Series. They released the Lakeffect Ep in 2003, but never released their full length album “The Indecision Complex” after going on hiatus in 2004. In the summer of 2009, the concept of Ontologics began to emerge, and the rest is history.

TOUR HISTORY (Venues Played): 03-Present
RI: The Spot Underground, Ocean Mist, The Wheelhouse, Manchester 65, The Met Cafe, The Century Lounge, The Call, The Living Room, The Green Room, KC's Tap, Rocky Point Pub, University of Rhode Island Earth Day, WRIU 90.3 FM In-studio, Finbacks, Rhode Island College, AS220
MA: TT the Bears, Middle East, PA's Lounge, Club Lido
NYC: CBGB's, The Knitting Factory, The Continental, Alphabet Lounge
VT: Castletown State College
NH: Club Drifters

Band contact:


The following list includes Commercial and College stations that are in posession of Ontologics' Record "Something to Needle Over"

College and Jam Band Stations:

390 Station Directory by State - PDF File

National Radio Stations:

KFMA/New Music Test Dept.; Tucson, AZ

KCRW “The Lab”; Santa Monica, CA
KCXX“Freshly Squeezed”; San Bernardino, CA
Unsigned Sunday; Laguna Beach, CA
Alt 98.7/KYSR “New Music Show”; Burbank CA,
KCRW / Los Angeles; Santa Monica, CA
KCSN LA Buzz Bands; Glendale CA
FM 94.9; San Diego, CA 92108“Close To Home”; Burbank, CA
Billy’s Boneyard – SNMM; San Diego, CA
Alt 98.7/KYSR “New Music Show”; Burbank CA
KCSN; “City Of Night With Mr Shovel”; Northridge, CA
Head Room (KPFK); Los Angeles, CA
KROQ; Venice, CA 90034KCRW; Santa Monica, CA
Music Caravan; Oceanside, California
Dial Global; “Out of Order”; Culver City, CA
“WTF” XTRA; San Diego, CA
KUCI “Play It As It Lays”; Huntington Beach, CA
DTM Radio Network; San Francisco, CA
“Rodney On The Roq”; KROQ; Los Angeles, CA
“Locals Only” KROQ; Venice, CA
“New Noise” KJEE; Santa Barbara, CA
“FTP” KBZT; San Diego, CA
“Ozmosis”; Fresno, CA
“Sunday Night Music Meeting”; Newport Beach, CA
“Soundcheck” KITS; San Francisco, CA
“New Noise” KJEE; Santa Barbara, CA
“Morning Becomes Eclectic”; KCRW; Santa Monica, CA
“Out Of Order” KROQ; Venice, CA

“Adventure University”; KTCL; Denver, CO; Fort Collins, CO

Radar Radio / KRUHU, Inc.; Augusta, GA
WMLB “Stomp & Stammer”; Atlanta , GA
WMLB “Stomp & Stammer”; Atlanta , GA
WMLB “Radio Undefined”; Decatur, GA
Radar Radio / KRUHU, Inc.; Augusta, GA

“Dirt Road Radio” KFMG; Des Moines, IA

“Queued Up”; Q87.7; Chicago, IL
95.9 The Buzz; Macomb, IL
WXRT “Big Beat”; Chicago, IL

“Indy Underground” WTTS/WGCL; Bloomington, IN

WTFX; Louisville, KY
WFPK “The Weekly Feed,”; “Independent Spotlight,” “New Music Thursdays”; Louisville, KY

WWDC “New Music Mart”; Rockville, MD
HFS at 97.5; “Fresh Baked”; Baltimore, MD

WCYY “Spinout”; Portland, ME

RIFF2; “Undercover Sound System”; Detroit, MI

“Juxtaposition” KDHX; St. Louis, MO
“New Music Sunday” KPNT; Manchester, MO
KRBZ “Sonic Spectrum”; Blue Springs, MO

KTCZ “Freedom Rock”; St. Louis Park, MN

WPNH “Out of The Box”; Omaha, NE
KIWR “New Day Rising”; Omaha, NE

WBJB “Altrock”; Adelphia, NJ
The Campus Buzz; WSOU; South Orange, New Jersey

KRZQ-FM "New Music Show"; Reno, NV
X-Effect; CBS Radio Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV

Sirius/XM “XMU”; New York, NY
Kyle Kaufman; New York, NY
WAXQ “Out of The box”; New York City, NY
Music Choice; 328 West 34th StreetNew York, NY
WDST “The Heavy Light Show”; Woodstock, NY
WEDG “Next Wave”; Buffalo, NY
WZNE “Music Intervention”; Rochester, NY
“Fresh Blood”; 94.3 The Shark; Farmingdale, NY

WWCD “Invisible Hits Hour”; Columbus, OH
WWCD “In The Stack”; Columbus, OH
WAPS “Liz’s Found Sound”; AKRON, OH

The Spy; OKC, OK

KNRK “The Bottom Forty”; Portland, OR

YNOT Radio; Philadelphia, PA
“Echoes”; Exton, PA
WRFF; “New Music Show”; Bala Cynwyd, PA
“YNOT”; Norristown, PA

WBRU “Exposure”; Providence, RI

WCOO “Critic’s Choice”; Charleston, SC
WKZQ “The Flight Test”; Myrtle Beach, SC

The Indie Underground Hour; Nashville, TN

KDGE “Adventure Club”; Dallas, TX
The Thing Radio; San Antonio TX
Indie Show/U.T.R.; KACV-FM; Amarillo, Texas
“Next Big Thing” KROX; Austin, TX

WROX “The Late Late Rock Show”; Norfolk, VA
WCNR “Brighten The Corners”; Charlottesville, VA

WEQX “Coffeehouse”; Manchester, VT
“Going Underground”; WEQX; Manchester, VT

KEXP; Seattle, WA

WLUM “Indie Soundcheck”; Menomonee Falls, WI


The Lopsided World of L; Berlin, Germany